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my list
authenticity survival connection to source intuition and imagination inner knowing seeing through the cultural programming (bullshit) and speak of it personal power seeing what’s needed self care valuing being old . xxx
Our group Giving good counsel to the community that is grounded in nature – timeless Given subtly, seamless, Intuition, the ways of things in the natural, open, liminal and enchanted by the unknown, imagination,more than we did as a child, forging a new story for humanity Living ancestor – guide as elders – like the childrens fire. Inspired natured active conservation. Confidence that comes from perspective. Not being a pleaser – listening to your own self. Teaching others to trust themselves. Moral choices, to stand being in your own skin. No regrets. Joy & Confidence! Interested in people. Living by example. Lack of characters in stories. Kate Forysthe fairytales: Vasilia the wise, The Buried Moon, Snow white, rose redAnd Furious Fairy Tales – Nikita Gill
Very similar in our group Greta thank you
Love that movie x
there is a digital divide that is making this alienation of elders even larger
embracing technology… or not
sometimes our elders feel they don’t have valuable things to say also. I find I need to convince many how much I appreciate and need their stories and presence.
Yes I had to get my son to help me get online today Glad to be here though. (Jenny)
I am aiming to be a combination of Granny Weatherwax/Minerva McGonagall and Aunt Frances. Bad ass. 😀
Fabulous lady in our chat group totally embracing the technology! and a fabulous inspiration and role model for us all!
I stopped colouring my hair in February and it’s now really short as I cut out the colour that was left in. Wearing my age with pride through my greying hair has been really challenging – I recognise the grieving Sharon mentioned. I don’t think we can totally claim pride in our ageing until we fully embrace all the physical realities and stop covering them up though
My whole life I’ve always said I wanted to be a crone! I’ve no idea where I got it from but somehow I had a sense even in my 20s there was the opportunity for more peace and wisdom and mentorship which I craved in terms of support for myself and to become. I’m loving the diversity of age here today for that reason it’s a real inspiration ….
did anybody watch the children’s show called SuperGran she had superhuman strength was the local crone x
Yes Caroline! Loved Super Gran!
she was amazing! we need more role models like her!
SuperGran was awesome. 😀
Something that I had never really considered until today was how fortunate I was that I grew up in a three generational household until I was 11. So much that I learned from my granny.
I imagine the crone knows orgasm
XR Grannies x
“Hands were humans’ first magical tool. Hands give. Hands receive. Your ancestors live in your hands. Hands are symbols of initiation. They have the power to love create move and change. They are associated with giving receiving and serving. They teach us about reciprocity. Hands bridge the profane and sacred worlds.” ~ Angeles Arrien
Having had cancer I have also learned this. Someone mentioned earlier that there are other ways to become initiated into wisdom and body and illness is often one of them in my experience (personally and professionally)
This crone does even if it’s a DIY job!
We also need to redefine beauty. Because mainstream culture has an obsession with youth that does not allow women to become elders.
I love that
Yes: my own experience with breast cancer at 50 which projected me through menopause in one week when I started chemo was the greatest initiation… a process of change much stronger than age has brought me (I am 66 now).
What is that poem Sharon?!|
This is all so affirming. I never believed I would live to old age so I celebrate every day my greying hair my wrinkling skin… because the alternative was not something I was keen on happening 🙂
I think hand in hand with this we (society) need to have a conversation about disability and how all manners of disabilities are beautiful and worth giving respect care and attention.
Rich chapters
I love the idea of your body as a soul mate. it reminds me of a turtle who is home in its body. I want to read more about this idea. I think it makes it easier to understand how valuable all bodies are no matter how haggish they might be.
That’s important Amelia… different phases of our lives run parallel often… not sequentially.
thankyou Amelia
That was beautiful Amelia. It really resonated with me. Thank you.
<3 thank you yes I agree Patricia xx
Beautiful captured in words Amelia
Magic an Occult Primer by David Conway is a good primer on the history of magic – very wry but not belittling.
What other words might you have for ‘magic’ in this respect. What other references to this. power in life which is then used in these herbal preparations… for healing?!
The San Bushman elders will embody a kind of universal energy called gnom through shaking and when they do this they then share it with the whole village so that everyone is on the same level. So magic is a communial activity
I feel like its conversation with nature and being intentional – holding a vision for a new story for humanity – enchanted with the unknown listening and singing at the same time to sing into being a new world – open deep listening and acting in one moment – getting out of the way of oneself
for me magic is intention plus belief plus action and alignment with whatever it is you are looking to co create in the world
I have been gathering hawthorn and rosehips to make a potion to help heal my friend’s broken heart
I think a lot about how we cast a glamour on life – hiding reality.
I lost a pair of glasses when doing voluntary work in a community woodland – I had no idea where. I decided to ask the young trees that I had freed from their plastic protection if they could feel my glasses near them and I closed my eyes and when I opened them I walked directly to where they were. Thats magic to me
Gathered on full moon for the power of that listening to ancient wisdom to bring back the lost power of connection
I saw magic through my kids’ eyes. I took them to the playground for the first time in months. They got to the top of the slide and saw a path leading into the forest. I saw the shimmer in their eyes as they abandoned the playground to explore a new forest. That was magic to me. The shimmer and excitement of the world as it is and running to play with it – not in it as a backdrop.
magic is the raw energy of creativity guided through us it combines with our essence.
Creation of all kinds is magic to me
for me magic is the whispers the synchronicities from the universe which show me that I am in co-creation and deeply connected to everything. symbiosis.
real magic is in the woods
to have mindset to see beauty create beauty
for me magic is receiving an answer from the universe without knowing the question I was asking
I completely agree that there are no muggles. we all have the ability to use magic or be magical. its just being wiling to listen and learn.
in the quantum field every possibility exists – magic is focusing your intention and attention to call it into being.
Weeds in The Heart by Nathaniel Hughes and artist Fiona Owen is a great book about healing through our relationship with plants.
Braiding Sweetgrass also a great book
Was just going to add that – wonderful book by Robin Wall Kimmerer!
thank you
Thank you Sharon.
thank you everyone for an inspiring and connecting day
Thank you so much
thank you 🙏🏻
Thank you so much Sharon and everyone. <3
Thank you!
Thank you so much! This was amazing.
Thank you so much!
Thank you Sharon and everyone for your perspectives <3
Thank you so much for today’s sharing. What an incredible day! So needed.
Thank you so much Sharon for such a beautiful day so lovely to connect with you all x
Thank you – loved it x
Thank you so much xx
An amazing day. Thank you Sharon
thank you so much Sharon. such a wonderful day which will inspire me for weeks if not months to come. xx
Thank you Sharon – inspiring!
a memorable and transformative day thankyou everyone
Thank you so much Sharon. Very enlightening.
Thank you xx
Thanks so much Sharon that was bloody great. Also really lovely to meet and chat to others in the break off groups.
Thank you so much Sharon and all the organisers what a great and thought provoking day.
Thank you Sharon for a fascinating and nourishing day
Truly beautiful experience! Thank you so much Sharon x
thank you really inspiring Sharon and everyone xx
Thank you for such an interesting day I’ve met some lovely people and Sharon you were fascinating!
Thanks to everyone at Embercombe who worked behind the scenes to enable this to go so smoothly.
Thank you so much! What a wonderful morning!
Really interesting day- lots to absorb and follow up on
thank you – a beautiful day of inspiration & sharing across the lands
Affirming x
Thank yo Sharon Magical day x
connected in womanhood
creative soul food
Thank you
A Treat
Wonderful day. Flown by in the flow of Sharon’s wisdom! Big gratitude xxx
thank you! xx
what a wonderful way to involve so many of us with these brilliant ideas. thank you Sharon and Embercombe
LOVE Carolyn! That will be amazing!
Love Carolyn <3
Love Carolyn
She is a witch! Working with the bones
When is the Crone book likely to be published Sharon?
I would love to have the 3 questions you asked us in meditation which have gone from me
Thank you all so inspiring
Thank you
Thank you as always!
yes would you share the questions again from the visualisation journey?
Thank you! <3
Thank you Sharon! Love your work!
How do we access the recording?
Carolyn hillyers book of hag fab too