In by Lore Wilson

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Reading List

  • Poetic Edda (translation by Jackson Crawford)
  • The Viking Way – Neil Price
  • Shamanism in Norse Myth and Magic – Clive Tolley
  • The Archeology of Seiðr: Circumpolar Traditions in Viking Pre-Christian Religion – Neil Price
  • Old Norse Religion in Long Term Perspectives: Spinning Seiðr – Eldar Heide
  • A Biography of Seiðr-staffs – Leszek Gardela
  • Shamanism in the Old Norse Tradition: A Theory Between Ideological Camps – Stefanie v. Schnurbein
  • A Sourcebook of Seið – Stephen Flowers
  • The Hunting of the Vétt: in Search of the Old Norse Shamanic Drum – Clive Tolley
  • Remnants of Seiðr: Charms and Incantations in the German Diasporas – Nóel Braucher
  • Nightside of the Runes – Dr. Thomas Karlsson
  • Apocalyptic Witchcraft – Peter Grey
  • Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways – Gemma Gary
  • Seidhr, A Scholarly Study of the Art – Sir Sigurd
  • The Image of Seiðr in Old Icelandic Literature: Consistency or Variation – Lyonel D. Perabo
  • Seiðr & Shamans: Defining the Myth of Ritual Specialists in pre-Christian Scandinavia – Sebastian Klein
  • The Chicanery of Seiðr
  • Out of the Waters Beneath the Tree – Catherine Heath
  • The Elder Gods – Stephen Pollington
  • Runes: Literacy in the Germanic Iron Age – Stephen Pollington

Circumpolar Shamanic Traditions

  • Shamanism in Siberia: Russian Records of Indigenous Spirituality – Andrei A. Znamenski
  • SHAMAN An International Journal for Shamanistic Research

Related Topics

  • Spirits Through Respiratory Passages – Eldar Heide
  • The Religious Roles in pre-Christian Scandinavia – Marketa Chvalkovska
  • Magic beyond the binary: magic and gender in the Poetic Edda – Meghan Callaghan
  • Viking Worlds: Things, Spaces and Movement
  • The Well and the Tree: World and Time in Early Germanic Culture – Paul C. Bauschatz
  • The Ethical World-Conception of the Norse People – Andrew Peter Fors
  • Nine paces from Hel: time and motion in Old Norse ritual performance – Neil Price

Now with the runes specifically, for the best source on the meanings, of course, there are the rune poems – the Norwegian Rune, the Icelandic and the Anglo-Saxon.  They are all very abstract as they clearly contain folk-magic and hidden messages, but unfortunately, they are impossible to really understand with the logical mind, they are also mnemonic devices.  The rune poems are all freely available online.

Scholarly books

Now to get to understand the runes and their magic use – this book: Runic Amulets and Magic Objects, Mindy MacLeod and Bernard Mees:

Here is a good page for the modern/popular rune books and they are endless: – all of them will be entertaining, but this will be more a personal gnosis.