Session 3 – Chat

In by Lore Wilson

I have seen that you just started a 8 weeks course on Seidr is it still possible to join this course? And what is your vision on what seidr is? 🙂
the view of labyrinth is gone
Now we can’t see the screen to copy the runes
i havent taken a photo
I teach pregnant parents the labyrinth.. inward journey is gestation and childbirth…the centre is receiving the child…the outward journey is the postpartum and child rearing.
that resonated very strongly, thank you
Thank you Andreas, it’s weird for you but your words are heard
please could you repeat what joseph campbell’s version of this imitation called please? thank you
Yes that was for me to!
It feels a bit like our European version of the medicine wheel teachings…
sorry typo – ‘initiation’
working with the labyrinth with individuals in therapy: any practices or pointers how?
i would like to kno more about what to do to keep moving through th labyrinth when you seem to get stuck
So you can’t go through alone, you have to have someone guide you?
pls an you come back to my question
rebirth from the bottom of the well, rising up towards light/spirit
we do not see your writing
I can see it
ok justnatived
How do you spell “sidule” and is that term related to bind rune.
do you need to create a ritual space for this… or can you sing it as you go about your day
or does it need to be with real intention
ok thanks
Is this in answer to the question or the word of what you saw in the well?
ok thanks
and if the letter isn’t on the screen?
I have an ‘r’. There’s a capital R and a little ‘r’. Which one?
thank you!
What would I use for V?
which e do we use as there are two
There’s no V – do use W?
just to share my own experience – i saw the ripples in the water rising up as spirals, very tall, arms came out of it which were reaching down and back… i think it resemble TOR, new pathway – i have used the word “rising”
can anyone else not hear?
and for y?
what do we use for y
sorry “TYR” 🙂
and o
so you just transcribe the letters that appear twice?
there was only one word that had 2 letters repeating (giving) so I transcribed g + I to X + l
what’s V?
the first one
V is the rune of URUZ the first one
do I transcribe the letters that repeat or the ones that do not repeat?
can lines overlap so share lines with other runes on the sigils?
and can you turn the runes on their sides…
You remove the letters that occur more than once
so “everyone” would be” evryon”
I didn’t do a totem and it looks a bit like a dragon!
not allowed to unmute
I have one to show
this has been very powerful, even over zoom, thank you!