Manda Scott – The Spirit of Activism

The Spirit of Activism

Manda Scott tells us a little more about the SPIRIT OF ACTIVISM course we’re running at Embercombe in November – see details below the fold.

This is the bringing together of my years’ work – and probably the bulk of my life’s work going on from here.  It’s one part of my answer to Deep Adaptation (the rest of that answer is in the ACCIDENTAL GODS podcast and online portal, of which more soon)

But at the core is this: I believe we’re at a point now where evolutionary change is not only necessary, but possible… that the next evolutionary step can be one of consciousness, made consciously – and that to get to the point where it’s possible (and it only takes one of us) we need to learn how to hone our intent, to open our heart-minds fully, to learn how to ask for help with every moment of our waking and sleeping lives – and to step into the void.  None of this is easy, but if you do any kind of shamanic or other spiritual work, you’ll know that we are being offered help now more obviously, more clearly, more determinedly than ever before.
So this course will help to open the doors to that triad: the honing of intent, the opening of heart-mind (with all the changing self-textures that embodies) so that we can ask for help, and we’ll learn how to step cleanly into the fertile void and come back again safely.
Those of you who came on the ‘ReWilding the Soul’ course in May caught the early edges of this, so there may be (will be) some overlap. It’s not a Dreaming course, though – this is explicitly designed for people who have no experience of the dreaming. We’ll hold a safe space where we can explore and connect at the depths we need without the dangers of uncontained journeying.
So if you have activist friends or family members, colleagues or connections who want to combine their activism with spirituality, this is the time.
Gail Bradbrook – as I’m sure you know – is the motive energy behind and one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion.  Her journey to this is astonishing in and of itself and she brings a passion, commitment and depth of practice that is an inspiration
Della Duncan is a heartfelt practitioner of Joanna Macy’s ‘Work that Reconnects’ and will help to bring that practice into our days
And I’m me.
SO -if you want to come, please do. If you don’t or can’t make it, but know anyone who wants to work in this way but without the rigours of a gated Dreaming course, this might be the time.
Sign up asap, there won’t be many spaces and they’ll go fast.
NB: If you’re coming, PLEASE either read the Deep Adaptation paper OR listen to Jem Bendell’s interview on the EMERGE podcast. Links below. It would be useful also to listen to Gail’s interview earlier in the same podcast series.

Photo credit: by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash


The Spirit of Activism – asking the world for help.
Join us for this one-off sharing with Manda Scott, Gail Bradbrook and Della Duncan as we explore together in a small group what it will take for the world to consciously evolve and deeply adapt to the pressing needs of our time. We will talk, share, pray, get inspired and find out what it will take to prepare and support ourselves and others for the next big shift.
“Yesterday would be good, Today will do. Tomorrow might be too late” Manda Scott, author of the Boudica
Date: 8 – 12 November
Fee: £645 for organic, plant-based food, teaching and shared accommodation
Venue: Embercombe, Devon
Book now, limited places available: