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Dreaming the wildfire

Dreaming the Wildfire Recorded Workshop

Dreaming the Wildfire - with Manda Scott
Recorded Workshop
Waking the dragons

Waking The Dragons Recorded Workshop

Waking the Dragons - with Andreas Kornevall
Recorded Workshop
Reclaiming the witch

Reclaiming the Witch Recorded Workshop

Reclaiming The Witch with Sharon Blackie
Recorded Workshop

Embercombe Online Upcoming Workshops

26th February - 28th November Contemporary Animism Online
1 year course
February - November
Sold Out
29th October - 30th October Fermentation – Rewilding from the Inside Book Now
19th November - 21st November Introduction to Wild Mind - Online Masterclass Book Now

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Fermentation – Rewilding from the Inside

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Sold Out
nature's cycle - by Virginia Lee

Introduction to Contemporary Animism Masterclass

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