David Smart-Knight

Following a thriving career as a communications consultant managing international projects, events and conferences, 25 years ago David began to ask: “What does it mean to live sustainably?”. This enquiry has resulted in studying & applying Permaculture, shamanism, Non-Violent Communication, storytelling, teaching and social enterprise. It has also seen David run a smallholding, plant and manage coppice, make greenwood furniture, keep livestock and hold ceremonies, all of which he has woven into his second career as an environmental educator, devising and delivering a European-wide environmental education teacher training program, creating and piloting a curriculum for secondary schools with sustainability as their core context, establishing two award-winning Environmental Education Centres and running eco-build projects as community empowerment exercises.

Concluding that “sustainability” by necessity requires both personal fulfilment and social justice, David wholeheartedly supports and promotes nature connection and culture repair both in his personal and professional lives, and can often be found, microphone in hand, working on a peer-mentoring project collecting personal stories of transformation.

In between navigating the complexities and joys of single-parenting two teenagers, David is both a long-term assistant at Embercombe and one of the Council Chiefs on the Embercombe Council.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

For me Embercombe is about possibilities, bringing the school curriculum to life.