Emma Johnston-Donne

My background is in product development and marketing in the third and private sectors, with a focus on bringing organisations from both sectors together for mutual benefit.

I currently work in Innovation at Samaritans, developing new, breakthrough income streams for the charity. Before that I worked in advertising for eight years developing brand strategy and communications for iconic organisations like Virgin Media, Tesco, Barclays and St John Ambulance.

I’m a fellow of On Purpose, a year-long leadership and career transition programme that helps professionals transition into purpose-driven organisations. While on the programme I first experienced the transformational power of Embercombe.

I realised I am never more myself and at peace than when in nature. I strongly identified with Embercombe’s mission to help people rediscover a lost connection with, and respect for, the natural world. I joined the Board of Trustees to try and help Embercombe reach as many people as possible.

I have two small boys who are also never happier than when knee deep and covered head to toe in nature.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

An essential reminder of who we as human beings truly are, and what we can achieve when we work in balance with each other and the natural world. There is nothing whimsical about it; its work is crucial to our times.