Fiona Barnes

It’s all about the land, our connection with the Earth, with ourselves and each other.

My passion is welcoming people to this valley, this land; to this inspirational place, supporting each person to explore their journey on this one precious life.

I have had the privilege of living and working here for many years; being loved and challenged in the right balance for me to grow, to find my voice, to step into my power.

I am one of Embercombe’s Firekeepers, pledging my commitment to the Children’s Fire; celebrating Earth ceremonies in the Stone Circle, honouring the land and all its beings, seen and unseen.

I lead the Experience Weekends and support The Journey and our Grow the Grown Ups programmes amongst others.

with blessings from this wild and wonderful valley

What does Embercombe mean to you?

I love the land and want to be part of it, to know it in greater depth each day - to become 'reindiginised'.