Gill Coombs

Having worked alongside the Embercombe team for several years, moving into this role was a natural step. I feel blessed to work in a beautiful valley rich in wild life, and to be amongst people committed to co-creating a flourishing future for all beings. Here at Embercombe, I often find myself moved by generosity of spirit, abundance, and flow, underpinned by resilience and determination to thrive.

As a writer, coach/counsellor, mentor, leadership facilitator and change agent, it has long been my passion to support others in recognising and developing their unique gifts, and contributing those gifts to co-creating a beautiful future. It feels like satisfying alchemy to be taking all that I learnt in the corporate world, and using it in service of our precious living world.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

The shape of the future rests in the hands of all of us born into these times of extraordinary change. Through embodied relationship with community, soul, and the more than human world, we find the wisdom to help us navigate wisely. I love how Embercombe nourishes the many hundreds who pass through the gates or join the rich online community, inspiring them to generative action and more soulful, authentic, joyful ways of being.