Joanna Hall

I am passionate about experiencing our human selves in deep connection with the more-than- human, re-orientating with reciprocity to the sacred and wild in the everyday, through deep presence and playfulness. With glorious hindsight I realise I have long danced with these themes, questioning belief systems, championing embodied agency and drawing attention to the interrelatedness of All, wearing the hats of visual artist, traditional acupuncturist, writer, home- educating mother and creative entrepreneur. I am excited how living from a place of sacred connection to the Earth is a radical act for our times: to counter the industrial growth story of severance between human and non-human nature which has driven the ecological and social crisis within with we live; to remember old ways and wisdom, listen deeply, imagine and co-create new stories from an Earth-centred perspective where All have agency and thrive.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

A beautiful beacon of many hearts tended, a remembering of connection with All That Is, nurturing growth and sowing seeds of regenerative possibilities, to be taken forth in the hearts of all that are touched by its flame.