Julia Blagbrough

Grants and Trusts Fundraiser

Since being a young woman, I’ve had a vision to create a space where people can draw on a connection with nature to reconnect with themselves. Setting foot at Embercombe for the first time, I was delighted to find a place where this already exists; in the gardens, in the trees, in the hearts and minds of the people, and all that grows here. From the vegetables in the soil, to the food in the kitchens, to the mulch in the compost, to the participants on the programmes- Embercombe inspires in me a deep sense of purpose, clarity and connectedness.

I’m a poet, a writer and a wordsmith. As Producer and creative for digital learning companies, I learned my craft writing bids and pitching projects for funding. I went on to set up my own company, where I explored my entrepreneurial nature and developed playful learning experiences. As Fundraising Manager for a large charity, I learned to weave together the potential routes to supporting a project to flourish. As my family grew, I trained in Play Therapy and spent five inspiring years working with people with Special educational needs, women, children and young people in a domestic violence refuge. I could see a burning need for funding, and wanted to combine my skills in fundraising with my passion for supporting people. I’ve since worked as a consultant grant writer for some brilliant charities, from using dance to support recovery from addiction, to using smart-phones to help blind people to navigate the world independently.

Walking through the medicine gardens, I noticed that the trees planted when Embercombe began are bursting into their young adulthood. They’ve maturing and have grown strong, yet are bursting with energy and full of potential. It’s an awareness of this natural potential that drew me to work for Embercombe as Grants and Trusts Fundraiser.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

A space in nature where people can draw on a connection with nature to reconnect with themselves.