Laura Fairs

I have been drawn to Embercombe to be a part of all aspects of its rewilding action. I have been working in nature conservation for over 20 years, and whilst there is so much great working going on, the wild things around us are still being squeezed out and lost. Far-reaching action is needed to sustain the wonderful abundance that nature has and people’s connection with nature is more important than ever.

I believe the rewilding work at Embercombe has an important role to play as we navigate the process of how we can better share our lives with nature. To find a way to allow the wild back into our spaces, stepping back and allowing nature to show us the way.

Alongside the rewilding I am passionate about reducing my impact on the world through minimising consumption, growing my own food, sharing, repairing, mending, swapping and finding solutions that do not require buying new stuff!

What does Embercombe mean to you?

A place where people can find space to connect with the wild, both inside and outside of themselves.