Louise Robinson

I spent over 20 years working in education policy design, digital related delivery and implementation in the public sector. I started out by setting up and delivering the first accredited hairdressing NVQ training course in the country at HMP Manchester and moved on to lead education for offenders at HMP Leeds, which became the first prison to achieve Government literacy and numeracy targets. Fascinated by how we learn, I undertook a Masters in Teaching and took up a policy role in the Department for Education, where I stayed for 14 years.

I worked with Ministers, business, unions, stakeholders and the public designing and communicating policies and initiatives aimed at reducing reoffending through skills and employment, providing English for Speakers of Other Languages and implementing the Academies Programme. After designing a new business model for Early Years working in partnership across 10 local authority areas in Greater Manchester, I decided to leave the Civil Service to explore who I really wanted to be, to rewild myself and deepen connections to nature and creativity.

Since then I’ve travelled, volunteered at a husky ranch in British Columbia, looked after animals in southern Spain and set up three businesses. Leading implementation on branding, communications, digital and social media programs for creative communications projects in environmental education and community wellbeing led me to Embercombe and I am so excited to be here at this critical time of change and transformation.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

Inspired by creativity & those with the courage to explore their wilder side.