Rachel Fleming

Embercombe has always been a place for reconnecting people to wild nature, to community and to themselves, through living close to the land in this beautiful valley and through the courses, programmes and experiences that happen here.

I’m excited to be joining at a moment in which this type of experience is being recognised by our culture as crucial for the way we need to live as humans – when we can experiment and explore what it means to live in a different way, to become more “wild”, more natural, to let go of some of our cultural conditions, to think and feel about what these words even mean at this point in human history.

I have worked in many places of change – as a scientist, a climate change policy maker, a journalist and an educator – but my interest has always been in how we bring together different aspects of ourselves and the world to live a balanced, full and purposeful life.

There are so many of us looking for a different way to live, for ways to bring about widespread change in the world. Here at Embercombe we provide a place where we can work together to make this happen.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

A place of bringing together, of experimentation, of balancing opposites and finding different ways to live.