Richard Bates

I have been fascinated, yet struggling with how to live lightly on the planet, in this crazy industrialised society for quite some time.  This has led me on a path of seeking education and work in and around Environmental Sciences and sustainability, permaculture, starting a community allotment, running a lifestyle business around woodland crafts, festivals, round timber framing, and recently seeking survival/bush craft skills, alongside being a woodland hermit in West Sussex for the last decade or more.  I have felt unrooted for the last few years and am still seeking a place to call home.  On this journey I have often neglected to inquire deeper into soul work and deeper nature connection.  I am hoping to pick up this work whilst here at Embercombe, and hope this will help lead me home.  Alongside keeping the place ticking over, and bringing improvements where time and resources allow 🙂

What does Embercombe mean to you?

A place to rediscover hidden gifts and skills, heal wounds, connect with nature and what is sacred. Then hopefully take these gems into our communities and the world around us...