Rosa Sommer

I’m just down the road from Embercombe in Totnes, where I Iive with my wife who I met while working at Embercombe! The land, the people, and my close partnership with Mac gave me a wonderful base that still informs much of my work today.

I’m now a Director at Leaders’ Quest, a social enterprise focussed on creating wise leaders for a regenerative future. Here I lead on our futures and systems work, helping people tackle big challenges – inequity, climate change, apathy – with love and generosity.

Prior to this I served as Co-Director of the systems change start-up, Intelligent Life and co-founded the consultancy Liquid School, working with Unilever to integrate sustainability into the heart of its business.

When I’m not walking the line between business and activism, I’m walking in Scotland and closer to home on Dartmoor and the south west coast.

I’m deeply motivated by what I have seen Embercombe bring to people’s sense of what’s possible for themselves and the world, and grateful to continue being a part of that.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

Authenticity, purpose and action I am passionate about the space Embercombe creates to bring people together.