Ruth Vane-Stobbs

I’m a self-taught plant based cook, have a background of working on wards in the NHS, and a strong calling to support others to support themselves. I’m grateful, that for me, food is a joy and a passion. From marveling at the potential of seeds through to playing with colours and textures on a plate, I love interacting in the kitchen with fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients, transforming it into a nourishing and comforting meal for a group to share together. To sit together and break bread is an ancient act that we must maintain in a world of convenience and disconnection. I’m a big believer in empowering people to know where and how their food grows, what it does to you body and why we all need to care about this more. When I’m not in the Embercombe kitchen I grow veggies, climb, ferment, craft and continue work on my tiny house build!

What does Embercombe mean to you?

For me Embercombe is a place that has invited me to pause, witness and listen. The land holds space for people to re-learn, re-align and re-evaluate.