Sasha Care

For me my role here is dynamic as House lead and Volunteer Coordinator, I (along with superb volunteers) weave the many (mostly invisible) threads, that supports the smooth day to day operating and provision of beautiful yet rustic-simple warm welcome you receive here.

At Embercombe I see the joy of people being able to unravel from their normal lives, to let go, to explore, to ignite spirit and soul, to share visions and experience, enthuse passion, learn, grow, let go and generally nourish the soul and connection; with self, other humans and the more than human world.  The land here provides us all with such rich opportunity for deeper communication, the relating to and from our senses, to find ourselves without effort being whole and the gratitude that emanates from that.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

I believe we are in a time of integration, drawing towards coherence of humans (in self and thus) as co-inherent with nature. It is a pleasure to be part of Embercombe that provides this space, enquiry, programmes and education for such imperative work to take place.