Sophia Young

Embercombe has woven itself in and out of mine and my children’s lives for the last five years and I feel immensely blessed to have witnessed it’s unfolding during this time. It’s a place of heartfelt-ness, everyday magic and old remembered belonging. We sit in circle around the fire. We greet the dawn of each season. We welcome each person as they are and cherish the wonderful gifts that everyone of us brings.

From the hearts, minds and hands that breathe Embercombe’s uniqueness to fruition to the worms and tadpoles, badgers and wagtails that know the land more intimately than we, since first walking through its gates, I’ve always felt such kinship and so incredibly at home on this space. And I deeply, deeply love holding Embercombe’s kitchen and working with our team. It brings me great joy creating nourishment for all the participants that come with their curiousity and enquiry and to support of the powerful and life-changing programmes we bring from our hearth.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

It’s a place in which honouring and reverence are key ingredients to the fabric of it’s being, dreaming and bringing to life and the land is steeped in stories and prayers from so many who have travelled from all corners of this globe to spend time in the valley.