Tugba Kirhan

I first came to Embercombe as a participant on The Journey and have been supporting the core team in various capacities since then. As well as deepening my relationship with the land and Embercombe’s ethos over the years, I have trained as a coach and a facilitator and now facilitates on programmes including The Journey and The Hearth. From a young age I recognised my calling to help others to find their own way and I have been following this path ever since. I have been working in the charity sector in the UK and overseas, dealing with issues such as international development and women & youth empowerment. I have also led fundraising campaigns and coordinated events, including Mac’s Kith and Kin residentials. 

As Programme Manager, I’m responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of the programmes, ensuring they are aligned with Embercombe’s core values and vision. I am passionate about nurturing the culture of personal growth and bringing joy to our everyday lives.

What does Embercombe mean to you?

Embercombe is where heart meets action, the inner and outer world is interwoven and human and more-than-human are connected