Dreamers Corner: Questions Unabound

Questions unbound
around the forest woodland
that surrounds me.

Thoughts falling from my mind
shed as the leaves are
dropping to decay
back into the earth.

Slow descent into winter
wordless and songful
listening to the spaces between.

Autumn into winter
The spaces open physically
From a riot of colour
to the bare skeleton

Skeleton woman
Married and murdered
Heart beating again.

It’s a painful process.
Numb fingers returning to life
after cold frost has
closed all the warmth
and life blood deeper
into the hollowed out bones
Escaping away from the cold cold surface.

Autumn turns to winter.
The last leaves falling
My breath steaming
There is warmth deep inside
I can feel my heart
beginning to beat again.

By Erica Lowe, Volunteer at Embercombe