Re-setting the Re_Set button

Laura FairsWednesday, September 29, 2021

Hot on the heels of our summer rewilding camp, we have recently welcomed a corporate group to Embercombe for a taster of our rewilding action and an opportunity for them to have some team building time on the land.

Re_Set contacted our partners at Ecosystem Restoration Camps to see if they were able to help them find a suitable venue for their first team ‘real life’ get-together since before Covid. ERC immediately thought of us as only their UK camp! Working together to establish a schedule that worked for them, we finalised the retreat as a combination of practical action on the land, team building and strategic sessions for the staff of Re_Set to work together.

I hosted a rewilding practical session on the land to mimic the actions of beavers, giving insight into one of the missing species in our watercourse ecosystem. Beavers are agents of change, having a hugely beneficial impact on the biodiversity of a catchment. We don’t have beavers at Embercombe (yet!) so we are coppicing some bankside trees and retaining deadwood into our stream to mimic their actions as best we can. Of course, we can never do it as well as the beavers, but for now we hope to hold the line until these wonderful creatures can return to more catchments across the UK.