Residential Courses

We dare you to dive deep into the waters of your being and resurface transformed, ready to forge a new world.

When we know what our gifts, passion and purpose are, when we feel our connection to each other and to the land on which we live, then we will take action to a better world. Embercombe offers experiential programmes that offer an experience, and a lasting reminder, of what it is to be an authentic, open human being who knows that they truly belong in this world. We provide you with tools that will support you to live authentically and wholeheartedly in both challenge and joy.

Profound learning experiences are rarely planned or announced. They mostly arrive uninvited, deliver their glittering gift and disappear from whence they came.

Embercombe’s core programmes focus on authentic leadership. What is an authentic leader? Someone who distinguishes themselves by acting in alignment with their deepest held principles and values. Someone who walks in wisdom, courage, compassion, and integrity. Someone who is brave enough to act on what they know to be true.

Who, me?

Our culture is notable for producing citizens who have a profoundly low opinion of themselves. They feel themselves somehow unworthy of taking leadership. But our Earth and all things beautiful are begging us to step forward and raise our hands and say “Yes, me.”

Ask what it is that you have to give. Ask what your responsibilities are. Ask what it is that you truly love. Embercombe’s programmes encourage you to pledge allegiance, and then stand firm, unwavering, joyful.

Grow the grown ups

Grow the Grown Ups Wild

Family Event: 26th - 31st May 2019
The Children's Fire

The Children’s Fire

New Course: 15th – 21st June
Wild Embercombe

Summer Solstice Wilding Weekend

Dates: 21st – 23rd June 2019
Women Rising Rooted

Women Rising Rooted

New Course: 4th – 8th July 2019
The Journey

The Journey

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