Embercombe Rewilding Camps

Learn how to rewild the land and  yourself

In partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC)

With Ashleigh Brown, Laura Fairs and Mac Macartney

Join us to learn how ecosystems work, and how to help them heal. Embercombe and Ecosystem Restoration Camps are passionate about rewilding the land and rewilding people. Together we are offering a series of camps for people to come and get involved and learn about how to rewild your plot of land and your life, bringing ‘nature power’ to the people.

26th May - 29th May Learn to rewild the land, yourself and society
With Ecosystem Restoration Camps
26 - 29 May
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14th October - 17th October Learn to rewild the land, yourself and society
With Ecosystem Restoration Camps
14 - 17 October
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As we stand on the very edge of ‘what next’ for the human species, we are remembering our place in this big and beautiful web of life. We are driven by a desire to reintegrate ourselves back into the wilderness, where we came from, and where we belong.

It is time to learn how to be in service to all who live within our planet’s ecosystems, and learn how to revive, rewild and restore them.

Join us for an exploration of what it could mean to rewild our land and ourselves.

Is this for you?

These camps are for anyone who feels the need to be on the land, with a community of people, making a difference to the future of wildlife in this country and beyond. This is for all who feel disempowered by the news of crises and want to do something positive, to make new friends, to get involved. No experience is necessary, just a willingness for experimentation, enquiry and emergence and above all… fun!

What to expect

Each camp gives you the chance to discover how to rewild the land, rewild ourselves, and rewild our society. Renowned and experienced practitioners in this field will teach you about the practical elements of rewilding the land, such as baseline survey to planning and design, to conservation practices, species introductions, tree planting, the mycelial network, wild food growing and harvesting and eating.

You will have the chance to physically take part in work on the land that encourages rewilding to happen, as well as learn experientially from what is happening at Embercombe, which has been rewilded and restored for over 20 years. Embercombe is a 50 acre rewilding site with human beings deeply embedded, giving you important insights into how to rewild on a smaller scale, be it your garden, your small holding, your farm or your woodland. Our camps regularly involve visits to other rewilding projects, giving you a richer and deeper understanding of what rewilding looks like in different places and timescales.

Together we will uncover what it means to rewild ourselves, at this time in our modern world, when we are at our most disconnected and when our world needs us most. Reflection time around the fire, or a beautiful spot in our 50 acre wooded valley to really reflect on these questions, is coupled with deep connection to each other. Our camps attract people just like you, people who want to turn their climate anxiety into action, further their passion for rewilding, and form a community with others who want the same.

This winter Embercombe is offering another opportunity for you to join us for an exploration of rewilding the land, ourselves and our society in partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

The camp will take place over the course of four days, with each day focusing on a different aspect of rewilding. Participants are expected to attend for the full 4 days of the camp to fully benefit from the schedule which guides participants through several experiences as the camp progresses.

The full programme for the winter rewilding camp is here. Featuring some special guest facilitators including Alan Watson-Featherstone, Kate Morley and Gaia Harvey Jackson as well as experienced and knowledgeable staff from Embercombe and Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

This camp will be focusing on the principles, theory and practical actions that can be taken to rewild land. We will explore some of the different advice, steps, techniques and processes that are recognised to assist in allowing nature to take more of a driving seat in ecological regeneration. Participants will have the chance to explore this through the lens of their own site (real or hypothetical), a community land project or the land at Embercombe depending on their own circumstances.

We will carry out practical action on the wild land at Embercombe, learning techniques, tools and principles that can be taken away to be used in your own life. This will include getting down and dirty with activities that mimic the presence of beaver and wild boar.

The camp will also include other aspects of challenging perceptions around rewilding, letting go of control and un-domestication. There will be opportunities to collaborate and make lasting connections with others who are involved and motivated to be involved in rewilding.

There will also be time for us to digest all that we have learned and to set intentions for how we are going to make changes in our own life and our society to continue the rewilding of our world.

By coming together this winter, we will have the opportunity not only to learn about rewilding, but to meet kindred spirits and new friends. To sit around the fire and underneath the stars. To let your nervous system rest and replenish in the bounteous abundance of life around you, lulled to sleep by the hooting of owls.

Let’s come together to remember who we are, our place in the web of life, and what we need to do to transform our world.

We are very proud to be ERC’s FIRST UK camp, and being part of a network of people restoring, rehabilitating and regenerating natural and agricultural ecosystems around the world.

Embercombe is an education centre and charity on the edge of Dartmoor, that has been providing courses, training and events in self-leadership, sustainability and nature regeneration for 20 years. Our mission is to promote and support the ‘wilding of places and people’ – to help catalyse, support and inspire nature regeneration and nature connection locally and across the UK.

In order to support our courses and to showcase what can be done with small pieces of land to all our visitors, for inspiration and practical learning, we are rolling our own rewilding strategy in 2021. This has been developed with help from the University of Exeter, the Agroforestry Research Trust, permaculture experts and many people who have visited over the last couple of years as teachers and participants.

In April our Rewilding Manager is starting and she will begin work immediately with our courses, camps and volunteers, on ecological baseline survey work and land-based rewilding projects and at the same time liaise and consult with local initiatives, networks and landowners, to make sure that the work at Embercombe is in line and supports and contributes to nature regeneration in the Teign Valley and this part of Devon.

With our background in providing learning opportunities on the land, we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for people to get involved with this project as citizen science – a collaborative approach to understanding what rewilding means for land like this, and also for the individual, so that they may become inspired, encouraged and skilled to advocate and work for nature regeneration and connection in their different walks of life.

We are delighted to be able to host Rewilding Camps with the global organisation Ecorestoration Camps as the first offering on our land. We are charging a modest fee to cover accommodation, food and guest teachers but we do try and support as many people as we can to come on bursary and free places. As the project evolves we are hoping to build on our local volunteer days and open up the site more regularly to open days to the whole community and in time offer more volunteering opportunities for young people coming from further afield.

What people are saying

“My understanding of rewilding has evolved by coming here, and I now know it will continue to evolve as I leave”

Key information:

26 – 29 May 2022

Accommodation is at Embercombe in shared or single occupancy depending on COVID policy, or camping (bring your own tent)

£455 – yurt (shared or single occupancy depending on COVID policy)
£355 – camping (bring your own tent)
10% reduction for booking more than one camp – Promotion Code: WildCamp

Limited bursary camping places of £255 are available: apply here.

This is a residential programme. In the event of further lock-down, each participant can choose to have all course fees refunded in full or transferred to later dates minus a pro-rata rate for modules completed.

Download the handbook of the camps here


Hosted by the Embercombe Land & Site Team and Ecosystem Restoration Camps, with special guests to be announced

Alan Watson Featherstone

Alan Watson Featherstone

Inspirational public speaker, ecologist, nature photographer and writer based in the Findhorn Community in the northeast of Scotland. Founder of the award-winning conservation charity, Trees for Life, which works to restore the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands. He was its executive director for almost 30 years. During that time it became the leading organisation working to restore the Caledonian Forest in Scotland and took on ownership of the 10,000 acre Dundreggan Estate in Glenmoriston as its flagship project for native woodland recovery. Alan has been involved and instrumental in so many other projects and initiates over many years. He cares deeply about our planet, and has dedicated his life to protecting its biological diversity and sharing the beauty and wonders of the natural world through his photographs, talks and writing.

Kate Morley

Kate Morley

Kate owns and manages Rewilding Hillcrest with her husband Richard. Rewilding Hillcrest is a project to ‘rewild’ 16 acres of a Devon valley. In 2011, Hill Crest was sheep-grazed fields with a small wooded stream and mature hedgerows. Now it is a jumble of planted and naturally-regenerating native trees, encroaching thorny scrub and brambles, grass and wildflowers, buzzing with bees, butterflies and other insect life, full of birdsong, and home to mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Kate is also co-founder of the Devon Wildland initiative, a coming together of people and land in the Teign Valley and surrounding area who are making space for nature to create a network of sites connected in both the physical landscape but also through people who will share experience, resources and ideas.

Gaia Harvey Jackson

Gaia Harvey Jackson

Gaia is a facilitator of empowerment, ecstatic dance and authentic connection. She is a great lover of creating rituals and ceremonies steeped in magic and connection that also make sense in our modern world. Her work is playful, deep and courageous. Her mission is to connect humans to their primal nature to live a richer and freer life.​ She does this through embodied ritual, cyclical living, and creating spaces for people to test their edges, shed their skins, and find belonging in those they meet along the way.

Jon Brock

Jon Brock

Jon Brock is the Woodland Officer at the Tree Hub at Rewilding Hill Crest, and has many years experience growing and planting trees from locally sourced seed. He’s worked extensively with schools to engage children with the wonders of nurturing trees and inspiring young people to make a difference. Jon has collaborated with landowners and community groups to help create native woodland across Devon.

Laura Fairs

Laura has been working in nature conservation for over 20 years and has recently joined Embercombe from the Wildlife Trust movement. Working on nature reserves of 1 acre through to landscapes of 5000 acres, establishing an extensive conservation grazing herd, offering farm advice and more recently implementing a Natural Flood Management project on private landholdings for public and biodiversity benefit. Laura combines practicality, common sense and understanding with connecting people and nature. Laura has been drawn to Embercombe to be a part of all aspects of their rewilding action. She is looking forward to joining the conversation to find ways in which we can rewild our world. Laura is passionate about reducing her impact on the world through minimising her consumption, growing her own food, sharing, repairing, mending, swapping and finding solutions that do not require buying new stuff! She is a proud parent of two #FridaysForFuture Climate Strikers. Laura lives with her family in the stunning Teign Valley.

Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh has worked across the world for the past ten years, developing and leading trainings for various organisations that have been received in over 50 countries around the world. Her passion is to support people in their learning and development towards a higher purpose that serves to better our world. Since 2010, this has included increasing reading rates and literacy in sub-saharan Africa, Asia, and refugee communities in the UK, and, in the past 5 years, her passion and focus has been in ecosystem restoration. Co-founding Ecosystem Restoration Camps in 2017, Ashleigh has helped the organisation grow from John D Liu’s idea to a global movement of 45 camps around the world. Embercombe became a camp in 2019, and Ashleigh has supported the development of the Rewilding Camps concept. She is an example of how an everyday person, passionate about healing the world, can get stuck in and make things happen.

Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney

In 1999 Mac founded Embercombe. At which time he was also the founder and CEO of a leadership consultancy for corporate executives operating internationally between 1989-2005. Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored and coached by a group of Native American teachers. During this training and ever since he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world view that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life with the huge challenges and equally huge opportunities of the 21st Century. You can find out more about Mac’s work here.

Upcoming Dates & Booking

26th May - 29th May Learn to rewild the land, yourself and society
With Ecosystem Restoration Camps
26 - 29 May
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14th October - 17th October Learn to rewild the land, yourself and society
With Ecosystem Restoration Camps
14 - 17 October
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Embercombe partners with Ecorestoration Camps

Embercombe is delighted to announce a new partnership with Ecorestoration Camps, a global grassroots movement that aspires to get people from all walks of life volunteering and learning and working together to restore degraded land around the world.

The purpose of this collaboration is to rewild the Embercombe valley, as well as supporting the rewilding of the land around it, and to create together a series of practical learning opportunities for people to be involved in the transformation.

“This is a great opportunity to support and work with a network of similar places around the world, so we can do our bit to inspire people to rewild and restore as much land as possible. After the lock-down there will be people needing to get their hands and feet back on the land and we’d like to provide the opportunity to do this, whilst knowing there are others out there doing the same, from all kinds of backgrounds, traditions, beliefs and places – many that we can innovate and learn from”

– Rachel Fleming, Director at Embercombe

As the only camp in the UK we are looking forward to welcoming people from around the world to courses and work experiences, helping us to rewild our land, be an example for other pieces of land in this country and to explore what it means for people to rewild themselves. Are you interested to come and work and learn on our land?

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