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Values- led land based learning has been at the heart of our work with young people for many years at Embercombe. The success of this work has led to a great new project just down the road, the On The Hill Camp run by Jo Clark head of land based learning at Embercombe.

From March 2018 all land based education will be held at On The Hill and all enquiries should be directed to Jo Clark on 01647 252643 or email

Natural Learning

If you’re interested in attending Natural Learning at Embercombe, please contact the group directly through their Facebook page Embercombe Natural Learning Comminuty.  There are limited places at sessions each week, so please do get in touch before coming.

I would whole heartedly recommend the Embercombe staff and experience to any teacher, parent or child, regardless of their positions in the world. Embercombe has the ability to raise all people to an equal platform so we can see and talk to each other in ways which our modern lives and routines do not allow. The work which Embercombe has done with our children inside and outside school has become one of the corner stones of our school’s pedagogy. The children have risen to challenges many teachers and parents would have thought impossible. The Embercombe staff have given teachers and parents a platform to see what our children really can achieve without being dominated by adults. They have allowed the children to self-regulate, communicate and collaborate in a supportive environment. Never have the children voiced that their tasks are too big, too small, too hard or too easy. They can see a clear purpose in the skills they are developing and the impact they can have on their own world, as well as the worlds of others.
Lewis AmesSampford Peverell C of E Primary School

Embercombe’s transformative residential schools programme for young people aged 14-18. The LEAP programme aims to inspire and empower young people, connecting them to a world where they feel able to make positive change and supporting them to develop as future change makers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

The aims to provide individuals with:

  • A greater sense of individual and collective responsibility
  • New practical skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • An improved understanding of their individual gifts
  • A more positive relationship to work
  • Skills in self leadership
  • A stronger sense of community
  • A deeper understanding of sustainability and the natural world

Young people will be asked to join in, to have a go and take their turn. Throughout the week they will be challenged to to be seen, to take risks, to make choices, to speak out, to take responsibility and to care.

Our programme offers a chance for young people to explore who they are and begin to consider the adult they would like to be.

Imagine your class working together, sharing experience and strengthening their knowledge away from screens and phones, immersed in the Devon countryside. The Embercombe Education team works with teachers to design bespoke residential programmes, which at their heart provide:

  • A space for young people to stand out from the group
  • An opportunity to challenge and to question in an environment that separates them from modern distractions
  • Time to connect to the natural and farmed environment and to themselves
  • A chance to develop their ability to function as a member of the community, improving their teamwork, leadership and communication skills

At a stage where young people are being asked to make connections and integrate their learning, our programmes bring concepts taught at school to life by providing the resources and means to learn experientially.

The chance to be hands on and experiment and make links because something has been tried out and witnessed, gives pupils the opportunity at key stages to make the abstract tangible and so enhance their learning back at school.

Our Education Team will work closely with you to create programmes that are subject specific and appropriate to each key stage. Our programmes have a basic structure that can be built on, based on the bespoke needs of the school or group.

The Embercombe Education team work with teachers to design bespoke residential programmes which inspire young people to embark on a journey of learning enabling them to thrive in school, at home and in their community. Our programmes support the aims of the school curriculum by assisting children to make sense of the world around them. Our land based programmes for primary age develop a sense of curiosity and questioning in the children who participate.

Our commitment is to:

  • Develop the whole person
  • Stimulate the head, heart and hands
  • Stretch the imagination
  • Explore the senses and challenge what is possible

All of the activities are hands on and children make sense and learn by doing and experiencing, solving problems, asking questions and having fun. Our team work closely with teachers before and during visits to design a programme that meets any current curriculum themes of interest and any particular needs within the class.

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