September’s Starry Speak

Astrological offering by Amanda Simon

September marks a turn towards the Autumn Equinox, towards the dark half of the year.

Sun in Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September) signals the half way pivot point between the Solstice poles as light lowers, droops towards the Equinox. The season of gathering and shedding begins with Virgo. Each sign hosts a planetary patron, for Virgo it is the planet Mercury.

Mercury supports Virgo’s sifting through the bounty of summer, gathering the fruits and consolidating the sun’s period of maximum shine. Virgo’s zodiacal consciousness sorts and syncs what wishes to be incarnated more fully. Discrete details are arranged in pipeline processes, akin to the physical gut it rules over, our inner furnace where nutritional gold – of all kinds – is churned for lamp lighting the winter months ahead.

Each Zodiacal sign houses a new moon in the respective sign and a full moon in its zodiacal twin, opposite in the sky, in this case Pisces. The Virgo New moon on September 6th seeds and sets the tone for the Virgo season. Moon is our night lamp, the nearest planet to earth with no light of her own. She gathers her illumination from the Sun, then redistributes solar rays through her twenty eight day road trip round the zodiac. The New moon this month offers a cocktail of celestial energies . Hooked up to Uranus across the sky in Taurus and occurring at the same time as Venus and Pluto who are in a terse configuration. Illuminations and eruptions could be alive and loud in the week rolling on from the new moon. Track and tack any leaps and lurches in thought, flashes of feeling that rupture safe conventional habits, perhaps ringing in through dreams, waking or sleeping.

As the year draws to an end, larger sweeps of 2021’s Astrological weather becomes enlivened. Most significantly, Jupiter will begin to re-route back into home place of Pieces, Mercury will slip into retrograde around 26th September offering opportunities to re-visit and re-vise relational alignments, looking for the just and beautiful to be centred. Venus teeters at the final degrees of Libra before descending to the hot waters of Scorpio September 10th. Cosmic chiropractic cracking, the overall theme of the year due to Saturn and Uranus’ right angle configuration, gathers momentum for the third strike as the month closes out. This heavy weight transit offers ongoing opportunities to reflect and realign our intra-psychic and inter- personal architecture, to come into rite relation socially, ecologically, globally most significantly with the more than human world.

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