Rose Garden

Tending The Rose Garden: A Post-Psychedelic Experience Retreat

Hosted by Ros Watts and Michelle Baker-Jones with The Embercombe Team

A space for those seeking to share and integrate their previous experience with expanded states of consciousness, particularly using psychedelic substances. Community, conversation, and celebration, in and on the land of Embercombe where simple yet profound shifts happen.

Times: 6pm Fri. 22nd – 4 pm Sun. 24th November

Fee: £80 (camping) – £140 (Shared yurt accommodation)

Rose Garden

Whilst still illegal in this country, more and more people are turning to psychedelic substances to achieve non-ordinary states of consciousness, explore different realities and experience a heightened sense of connection with nature and the world around them. Whether used as therapeutic tools (e.g. the trials at Imperial College and Bristol University or as tools for Consciousness and Spiritual Exploration (e.g. The Psychedelic Society; plant medicine ceremonies), this activity brings with it the need for post-psychedelic-experience landing and integration spaces – the trip is just the start of the journey.

Embercombe is joined by researchers from Imperial College London to provide a bespoke experience weekend for people who wish to share and integrate their experiences of psychedelic substances whether taken for ritual, recreational or research purposes.

Reality is different for everyone. This is an opportunity to come and share yours in a safe space where we offer connection with the land and nature and community, using simple integration practices and the simplicity of sitting around a fire and waking up to birdsong.


Embercombe is a powerful and magical place – a meeting place; a bridge between worlds; a place to be; a place to breathe out (& breathe in again); a place to converse, commune and share; a place to be human amongst friends; a place to re-member yourself.

Embercombe, land and community, is well placed to hold a space for the coming-together of people with shared experiences, as well as from different sides of the bridge.

This is our first step towards a full integration retreat. A small step, providing a safe place for the seeds to be planted and the relationships to start to form.  Simply by meeting, and being together, with a stunning natural landscape as companion and backdrop.

Is This For You?

This weekend is designed as a space for those who have taken part in psychedelic trials, or who have been on psychedelic experience retreats, or have been solo-explorers, to meet and be in community together for a weekend, held by this magical place.

The weekend is open to anyone with an interest in the field of post-psychedelic experience integration work.

What You Can Expect

Stepping through the gate onto the land of Embercombe, gives you an instant shift in perspective. Something changes in your body. You breathe out in a way that you haven’t breathed out in a while. Your muscles relax and your mind clears a little, within a very short time of being here.

Then you share a meal with your new community, and enjoy the pleasure of communal eating. Over the course of the weekend, all meals are shared, communal tasks are shared (including some of the cooking), and conversations are shared – both organised and free-flowing ones.

There will be organised activities, all very light, simple, restful and rewarding, there to help you remember yourself, re-member yourself as part of something bigger, and allow you to connect with a new community of people on similar journeys to yourself, who you will be living alongside for the weekend.

This is an opportunity for people who have been through psychedelic experiences to meet others who have shared similar experiences.

There will be no psychedelic substances on offer or used on this weekend.
No alcohol or illegal substances are to be brought onto site.


Dr Rosalind Watts

Dr Rosalind Watts is the Clinical Lead of the Imperial College Psilocybin for Depression trial (Psilodep 2). She trained as a clinical psychologist at UCL and practised psychotherapy for 6 years before joining the Imperial Psychedelic Research Group, led by Robin Carhart-Harris. Rosalind designed the therapy protocol for Psilodep 2, works as a lead ‘guide’ alongside three other therapists, and is running the day-to-day aspects of the trial.

Her qualitative research, exploring the perspectives of participants in a number of psychedelic research studies, gave rise to her interest in the common theme of ‘connectedness to Self, others, and the world’ as an important aspect of psychedelic treatment. Rosalind co-hosts the monthly ‘Psychedelic Integration Group’ in London, alongside Michelle Baker Jones.

Ros Watts

Michelle Baker-Jones

Michelle is an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor in private practice, based in London. She is also a member of Imperial college’s psychedelic research team. Michelle is a lead guide on the current Imperial College RCT trial which is comparing psilocybin to anti-depressants as a form of treatment for depression (Psilodep 2). She also offers individual psychedelic integration for people who are struggling to process psychedelic experiences and co-facilitates a monthly Psychedelic Integration group with Rosalind Watts.

Upcoming Dates & Booking

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Photo by Bruno Raffa on Unsplash

Disclaimer: This event is not a collaboration with or endorsed by Imperial College. Ros Watts and Michelle Baker-Jones are affiliated with Imperial College, and are here in their own right as facilitators, not as representatives of Imperial.