Lewis Ames

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I would whole heartedly recommend the Embercombe staff and experience to any teacher, parent or child, regardless of their positions in the world. Embercombe has the ability to raise all people to an equal platform so we can see and talk to each other in ways which our modern lives and routines do not allow.

The work which Embercombe has done with our children inside and outside school has become one of the corner stones of our school’s pedagogy. The children have risen to challenges many teachers and parents would have thought impossible. The Embercombe staff have given teachers and parents a platform to see what our children really can achieve without being dominated by adults. They have allowed the children to self-regulate, communicate and collaborate in a supportive environment. Never have the children voiced that their tasks are too big, too small, too hard or too easy. They can see a clear purpose in the skills they are developing and the impact they can have on their own world, as well as the worlds of others.

Lewis AmesSampford Peverell C of E Primary School