Thank you for the wonderful week

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Thank you for the wonderful week on Grow the Grown Ups. We all had a rich, meaningful and inspiring time. We’ve all come back a bit changed for the better and that’s something we’re managing so far to bring to, and hold on to, in all the different areas of our life.


  • The incredible supportive atmosphere on the whole of the site. It felt like everyone – Embercombe volunteers, camp volunteers and leaders and the land itself – was there with love and was cradling our family. That was humbling and precious.
  • Time and space to be together as adults, with the kids looked after with such love.
    Support and encouragement to just be with our kids. The joy of seeing them as people.
  • The afternoom by the pizza oven. I am filled up just thinking of the wonderful setting, the sense of community, the care from everyone involved and fun of the time.
Father with partner and 2 children