The gift of The Hearth

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It has been an emotional week. The space that you have created this week, the sense of community that you have forged amongst this quite disparate group, has been simply amazing.

The weaving between everybody, the very gentle support: whenever any one of us needed individual support, there was a shoulder or there was an ear. The beauty of every step of this journey, the delicious meals that have nourished us, the fires that we have met each time we have gone into ceremony, the way those fires have been lit, the way the council has been held. Holding is the word that I really feel sums up what you have given to us. You have given us a safe space – a held space, and I think I can say on behalf of all of us, that we are deeply in awe of your talents and supremely grateful for what you have done for us, what you have given us, and also what you have helped us to do for ourselves. And that is such a gift. Thank you!

Dom, The Hearth participant