What an extraordinary programme!!

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What an extraordinary programme!!! I was bowled over by the care and attention that went into every detail of the week. The quality of the support available to me as a parent from the staff team and the experienced GTGU parents made this a week to remember. I have never known our son to be happier or more relaxed and the play workers (Henry in particular!) gave him the security and confidence he needed to join in the programme and make new friends.
I have 25 years experience as a parent of young children yet found there was still so much to learn:)

For me, the most significant thing was realising the simple fact that being a parent is the route to growing the hurt child within us all. It felt like a relief to have a chunk of time with your loving support plus that of my listening partners , to ask simple questions of myself and then turn them around into simple, clear realisations that are so simple and obvious NOW!

Mother, with partner and son