The most inspirational, magical, humbling and life-changing event I have ever experienced

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“The most inspirational, magical, humbling and life-changing event I have ever experienced.
When I initially enrolled for the course before the Covid lockdowns, I was drawn to the variety of venues, the guest teachers and the opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of my native land. However, the course turned out to offer so much more than that. Yes, the places visited are stunning, the work being done by those guest teachers is truly inspirational and motivational, but what I was not expecting was the space, encouragement and guidance given by Chris Salisbury and Fiona Tilley to use the magic of these landscapes to consider my own inner “rewilding” and the personal growth that may be gained from the land and the teachings received. In addition to that, they successfully cultivated a real sense of community within the group through shared meals, fireside discussions, storytelling and songs.
This course is not simply a tour of beautiful locations with knowledgeable guides, it is the opportunity to invest as much or as little as you want into your own life story. I went into it doing a job which was making me ill with stress and anxiety. Using the guidance, space and tools given to me by the course, I have been able to conquer my fears to the extent that, four months after finishing the course, I am about to begin a new life away from that unhappy working environment. Even if radical change is not what you seek, the unique opportunity to spend time with teachers who have been trail blazers in the rewilding and conservation of this land is enough to make this course a wonderful, memorable experience and an extremely worthwhile investment of time and money. I certainly feel infinitely richer in every way, and it was a privilege to be part of it.”
~ Kathy Allso, Where the Wild Things Are 2022 participant
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