A sense of hope

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I’ve come away with a sense of hope about my own contribution about how to make things better

Embedding rewilding

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Before coming I really didn’t know that much about rewilding, and now I feel like how to rewild the land and community feels really embedded within me. It’s really helped me develop my understanding of rewilding.


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What I was really missing was feeling disconnected from other people on the same journey as me, and that’s something that I now really feel and that means so much to me.

On the ground learning

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I love the way that the programme is structured, with a mix of knowledge and practical application, learning so much more being on the ground than reading a book. It felt like a great kick in the ass to get out there and get involved

One of the most significant things I’ve experienced in my life

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I see The Journey as one of the most significant things I’ve experienced in my life and something that I think will be a compass for how I live forever. I felt completely held and supported to really go deep in exploring how I want to live and all that held me back.  I left feeling like I could see …

The healing, discovering and empowering journey of The Journey

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I’ve been attending “personal development” workshops and programmes for nearly twenty years, and The Journey at Embercombe is at another level, or should I say depth! While some programmes are there to fix or improve. The Journey is very much about finding and healing, discovering and empowering. Trust your instinct, if you even have the slightest belly tingle about the …

This sacred land

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Beautiful, sacred land that leaves me feeling nourished, inspired and hopeful for the future.

Thank you

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It’s amazing how much you’ve accomplished. So much shared labor and thoughtful coordination over the years. The time and talent of many hearts, hands and minds speak from every structure. Yes, it’s that sense of hands-on attention; each faucet, privvy, yurt, path, kitchen, magical fire circle expresses the presensce of many people in love; human intention abiding and honouring the …

New ways to grow

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I never intended on going to a retreat for men!  I had heard great things about Embercombe and hastiiy booked the first available course. Any regrets and discomfort soon transformed into an exciting and nourishing experience that I know will bring new ways to grow and discover the world with an open and honest spirit. Well facilitated by some lovely fellas …