The gift of The Hearth

In The Descent by Niusia Winczewska

It has been an emotional week. The space that you have created this week, the sense of community that you have forged amongst this quite disparate group, has been simply amazing.The weaving between everybody, the very gentle support: whenever any one of us needed individual support, there was a shoulder or there was an ear. The beauty of every step …

Where The Wild Things Are

In Where the wild things are by Niusia Winczewska

“I feel really really privileged to have been on a course like this that brought together spirit, nature and also pioneering rewilders. What a great combination!” 

Hardwired commitment

In The Journey by Niusia Winczewska

“I found the gift of three hours of coaching after The Journey very helpful to consolidate my commitment, keep me on track and make it a reality. Now my commitment and future work feel as if they are hardwired.”  

This was a transitional space for me

In by Cindy Cooper

“This was a transitional space for me. It has kicked me into action – my hopes and direction for the future feels more achievable.”

I came to Embercombe with an open mind

In Rewilding by Cindy Cooper

“I came to Embercombe with an open mind – there is a tremendous energy here and it has awoken something in me that has been sleeping. I am coming away feeling like there is a solution and that I can live it and take action.”

I think the main thing Catalyst gave me was courage

In Catalyst by Cindy Cooper

I think the main thing Catalyst gave me was courage. It really helped me to be bold and accepting of things I knew I wanted to do. Returning to creativity and to using my hands became a big priority, previously being something I had dismissed allowing myself to seriously pursue. Reminding myself of the importance that art and creativity have …