The best mindful retreats in the UK – and Embercombe is one of them!

We are in the news again! We have been listed as one of the top mindful retreats in the UK. Read more on the article here.

“Forget fluffy towels and endless smoothies – try one of these spas instead, which will give you an ’emotional overhaul’ and help you see the world and yourself in a new light”

The wellness world is changing. Post-pandemic, we’re looking for far more than a fasting regime and the odd yoga class when we go to a spa or retreat. Many of us are crying out for an ‘emotional overhaul’, too.

Spas and hotels all over the world are scrambling to offer packages that tackle your psyche as well as your cellulite. You could choose stylish spirituality in Spain or Italy. But here in the UK we already have a solid tranche of retreats that are the antithesis of fluffy towels and endless smoothies. These are programmes that pack a hefty therapeutic punch.

They certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you feel the call for a life overhaul, here’s where to start…

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