Birth of Death

The Birth of Death

With Joanne Tremarco

Imagine you have two bodies. One you move in every day and one you move in when you dream. Where does the dream body go after death? Let Tremarco, a spiritual fool, laugh and cry you over to the other side. Leading you with gentle humour through fears, feelings and ideas about death.

Times: Saturday 2nd November 7.30pm

Fee: £10 (concessions) £15 (full price)

Book for Dinner before the performance for an extra £7

This performance is hosted as part of  The Dark Veil, a short course ‘Honouring the Cycles of Life and Death’: change your relationship with Winter, the dark seasons and with death, through ceremony, art, story, conversation and play.

Birth of Death

Joanne Tremarco, award-winning solo performer, Fool and End of Life Doula, has collaborated with Internationally acclaimed director Yael Karavan to create ‘The Birth of Death’ a powerful, interactive piece of theatre that addresses Death – the elephant in the living room- through humour, honest story-telling and stunning choreography.

The Birth of Death skilfully weaves interactive improvisation with stunning physical imagery, set to an evocative score and “creates a remarkable space for artist and audience to explore thoughts and feelings around (death) the ultimate taboo. A wonder to observe.” (Vicky Anderson).

Drawing on end of life conversations with her mother, training as a death doula and adventures as a Lucid Dreamer, Tremarco has created an “utterly remarkable.” -(Liverpool Sound and Vision)

“tremendous piece of heartbreaking, exhilarating, breathtaking physical theatre.” – Producer of Lancashire Fringe.

“it’s funny, sad, challenging, hilarious, upsetting, beautiful, uncomfortable and comforting. Joanne is an amazing performer and improviser who takes the audience with her on a journey through our (mostly screwed up) relationship with the ‘final curtain’. Audience members were literally laughing with mirth and crying with sadness at the same time. Do not miss it, really, your life (and possibly death) will be the poorer…” Lee Griffiths Friction Arts

The Death Wife Project, began as a result of Joanne’s experiences supporting her mum at end of life, her experience with Clair Vision Schools training, ‘Death The Great Journey’, her subsequent training with Brighton based organisation, Living Well Dying Well as an end of life Doula and her journeys around India exploring practices for Death and Dying and Ritual Theatre.

It is a smooth hybrid of visually evocative physical theatre and audience participation. It is as effortlessly funny as it is heart openingly sad.

It’s a beautiful, hilarious and poignant way to spend an evening looking at the final curtain.


Joanne Tremarco

Joanne Tremarco  has been working with the Archetype of The Fool for 14 years, for 7 of  which she has been touring solo improvised plays which endeavour to link the audience up with the archetypal world, disc-covering what holds us back and propels us forward and going to places angel’s fear to tread.

The Fool is Zero and so has nothing to lose, can become anything. It lives in the world beyond judgement and yet can show us something about how judgement shapes our reality.

In 2012 she supported her Mother  spiritual, emotionally and physically as an end of life companion and for the 49 days after death, Joanne made her self available to her mother as a guide between worlds by offering the course of readings and meditations from the Clairvision school, Death The Great Journey.

Since these experiences Joanne has trained as an End of Life Doula with Living Well Dying Well and a Birth Doula with Birthing Wisdom in order to support people find their own way and their own peace in order to enter and leave the world with the clarity, love and acceptance that is their birth right.

Tremarco has also collaborated with Internationally acclaimed director Yael Karavan to create The Birth of Death a powerful, interactive piece of theatre that addresses Death – the elephant in the living room- through humour, honest story telling and stunning choreography.

Joanne Tremarco

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