The Earth Serpent’s Cave

One day online workshop with Naomi Lewis

The great un-structuring of our world continues. Had this occurred in ancient times, we might have turned to the Earth Serpent, to glean gold from the chaos. For she, who is also he, is in so many of our myths, folktales and religions, the ultimate power, the font of healing and rejuvenation bar none.

Is this for you?

If you are seeking ignition, illumination, if you want to plug into the connective tissue of the earth, this work may be for you.

In a series of guided visualisations and walking meditations, Naomi will take us on a journey of deep imagination to the cave of the Earth Serpent, as we seek guidance, as we explore and expand our human boundaries and their porosity with the animistic and hidden world around us.

This is a powerful and intense workshop for all those who seek the revelatory and the transformative, for those who seek guidance from the deep, the darkness, the dream and the cave, for those who perceive that another way of knowing was once possible and will be again.

Please note, this workshop will not be recorded, so please join us in real time.

Key information:

15 May 2021, 4.30pm – 10pm GMT

Online via Zoom

Please note, this workshop will not be recorded, so please join us in real time. 

FEE: £65

Facilitator details

Naomi Lewis

Naomi is well known world-wide for her love of the dark depths and her understanding of these locations as holy places to be mined and explored for their hidden veins of gold. Her work with this secret architecture over the past 17 years has allowed thousands of students from across the world to access the invisible realms of the ‘other’ they come to explore, and to uncover a clear and compassionate pathway, to profound communion with the sacred.  Having worked as the Educational Director of The Sacred Trust for the last 17 years, Naomi also now works with writers, film directors and dancers to visit the ancient origins and practices of performance and re-imagine the telling of story for our contemporary times.