The Edible Wilderness: Embercombe’s Autumn Rewilding Camp

Niusia WinczewskaFriday, September 10, 2021

Join us this Autumn in our next Rewilding Camp on our wild land in Devon for an exploration of rewilding the land, ourselves and our society in partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps from 21 – 24 October.

The camp will take place over the course of four days, with each day focusing on a different theme. The first day will act as an introduction to rewilding and what it means for us at Embercombe, as well as what it means for you, and what you’re hoping to gain from taking part in the camp. We will explore the land at Embercombe and meet some of our kin that are living here with us through a mini bioblitz.

The second day will focus on practical actions to rewild our land, looking at our lake and our hedges and discussing how we can make them wilder, as well as getting down and dirty with activities that mimic the presence of beaver and wild boar. In the evening we will take a trip to the nearby River Otter for a chance to see beavers living wild and what their presence is doing to the River Otter ecosystem.

The third day will look at rewilding ourselves and our landscapes through the lens of food. Many people visit rewilding sites such as Embercombe and wonder how we can marry rewilding the land with the growing of food for our consumption. We will be led by Caroline Aitkin through a journey to discover the answers to these questions as well as a visit to a regenerative farm to learn directly how food and the wild can grow and exist together. There will also be a discussion about how our own diets and food choices can create a wilder world and a healthier us.

The last day will be a chance for us to digest all that we have learned and to set intentions for how we are going to make changes in our own life and our society to continue the rewilding of our world. Our Founder Mac Macartney will lead us through a process to discover our own paths towards these goals. By coming together this Autumn, we will have the opportunity not only to learn about rewilding, but to meet kindred spirits and new friends, sit around the fire and underneath the stars, let your nervous systems rest and replenish in the bounteous abundance of life around you, lulled to sleep by the hooting of owls. Let’s come together to remember who we are, our place in the web of life, and what we need to do to transform our world, join us in our next Rewilding Camp this Autumn.