The Journey

Imagine feeling like you are truly alive. Awake, resilient, confident in your ability to navigate the dramas and difficulties of life. Feeling the beauty of real connection and an acceptance within yourself of who you are. Clear on what you can offer to the world. Passionate about making the most of what life gives you every day.

That is what we want you to take away from The Journey.

Who is it for?

This 5-day residential programme draws together people from all walks of life. Journey participants are people of all ages, social groups and experience. The common ground they share is a deep desire to truly be themselves in their lives, and to make a powerful contribution to the world – one that is aligned with their gifts, passion and experience.

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It was the best leadership development course I have ever been on and I would recommend The Journey to anyone who wants to deepen to a more meaningful life.
Dr Steve OnyettClinical Psychologist

What is involved?

We don’t talk too much about what is involved on The Journey – we like to keep it a bit of a mystery.

Facing into uncertainty can give us the gift of greater self-knowledge and the experience of developing an essential life skill.

We can say that The Journey has been described as a 5-day initiation, a ritual, a personal development programme. You will be both challenged and encouraged, while guided to explore the ‘Twin Trail’ – the inner path of self-development, and the outer path of action.

The Journey is an invitation to consider three questions:

The Journey

Community Tasks


Ancestor Walk

Many years of working in leadership and individual development has taught us that the journey of transformation navigates the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual. Like all journeys, along the way you will meet many friends and some familiar foes. Walking towards our challenges the paths merge, bringing our powerful intentions into the world. We move forward.

The Journey encourages participants to embrace their gifts and passions and to bring them more fully into their lives. To ensure participants are supported in this process, Embercombe offers three hours of pro-bono coaching on completion of the programme.

“I found the gift of three hours of coaching after The Journey very helpful to consolidate my commitment, keep me on track and make it a reality. Now my commitment and future work feel as if they are hardwired.” Anne-Marie, Nutrition Consultant

For further information on the coaching we offer please click here.

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Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

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Mac Macartney

Photography – Warren Draper

Who are the facilitators?

Mac Macartney – Lead Creator and Facilitator

In 1999 Mac founded Embercombe. At which time he was also the founder and CEO of a leadership consultancy for corporate executives operating internationally between 1989-2005. Over a period of twenty years Mac was mentored and coached by a group of Native American teachers. During this training and ever since he has attempted to bring two worlds together – an ancient world view that emphasises relationship, interdependence, and reverence for life with the huge challenges and equally huge opportunities of the 21st Century. You can find out more about Mac’s work here.

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla – Senior Associate

Kanada is a leadership and transformational change consultant, group process facilitator, executive coach & mentor. Her core work is developing leaders and change makers of all ages and walks of life, releasing the innate genius of individuals and teams, launching young adults powerfully into the world, and contributing wherever she can to the co-creation of human cultures ‘worth coming home to’.

From its foundation Kanada has made a considerable contribution to Embercombe, from the early days of dreaming in the Council to her current work as lead facilitator on The Journey, Catalyst and Speaking Out, and on bespoke programmes for On Purpose and Brighton Dome’s Miss Represented.

Mac and Kanada are supported by a team of experienced facilitators, each contributing to the programme design and bringing their unique gifts.

Mac Macartney

Mac Macartney

Founder of Embercombe
Tina Sharman

Tina Sharman

Joey Waterson

Joey Waterson


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