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The Law of Nature and how we reconnect to it

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As we move towards the darkness of the year, at this liminal time, for us all as individuals and humans, many of us are wondering what will become of our species and the more than human world we inhabit. With the threats of climate change, viruses, the fragility of our food and health-care systems, we at Embercombe are beginning a conversation about The Law.

By this we are not talking about The Law of the land, our justice system, but something much deeper and ancient. We are talking about the Law of Nature. The original instructions on how we as humans find the balance, and ultimately our survival, within it. Western Science, capitalism, colonialism, extractivism… somewhere along the line perhaps we have forgotten that the only way we can live is in collaboration with the ‘matrix’, the field, the earth, from which we have evolved.

Over the next few months Mac Macartney, the founder of Embercombe, will be hosting this conversation, bringing together the elders and spokes-people of western and indigenous traditions around the world. He will be searching for guidelines and principles that remind us how to fit within our ecological niche, as individuals, as one unified human species, and most importantly, as part of the family of all life.

Where is The Law held? Is it held in the earth-based and wisdom traditions? Is it possible to recover it by deep listening to the land and the wild creatures around us, and if so how do we begin to hear it, remember it, restore it? Is it lodged in our collective memory as a human species, do we have access to it by changing our awareness? Ultimately, what are the principles and patterns upon which the law is based? Is the Law the same wherever we are on the Earth, or is it different in different places?

These are some of the questions we will be asking, in conversation with a circle of law-holders and seekers around the world, and we are inviting you to join us. This is a deep exploration of what it really means to be human in these uncertain times, what it might take to truly belong on this earth and how we might start the task of restoring balance and connection between ourselves the rest of the living natural world.

Join us on 1 December in the first of our online discussions about The Law, with Mac Macartney.

Embercombe is a nature-based education centre looking at ways of bringing people into closer relationship with the land, with nature and with community. We are wilding our land, and looking at all the different ways of wilding ourselves, through our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. We offer a range of online and residential workshops and retreats, and free talks and events with some of the leading experts of our times from around the world.