The soul nourishment of Embercombe

By Anya Montague

Anya Montague shares her journey after Embercombe’s The Journey programme, an invitation for us to extract what we need and to chart a positive path forward.

“If you’re going to do anything nourishing for your soul this year, let it be at Embercombe” – Anya

It’s been 6 years since I finished The Journey course at Embercombe, and I am still almost daily inspired by the learnings I took away from Mac, Joey, Tina and the beautiful land. It was within the safe embrace of nature’s therapy that I found solace and inspiration, paving the way for a new chapter in my life—one where I bring others back to the healing embrace of the natural world through my own retreats in Tuscany.

The impact of The Journey extends beyond my personal journey; it has touched the lives of my entire family. We each embarked on this profound experience, and it has forever altered the course of our lives, guiding us through the darkest moments and helping us heal from within. The support we received at Embercombe, from Mac in particular was unparalleled, and we are eternally grateful for the compassionate facilitators and the loving community that held us to heal and grow. The Journey dared me to delve into the depths of my being, addressing wounds I had buried and gave me the space to do inner healing so I could feel more capable and whole to bring positivity into the world around me.

The creators of The Journey possess a deep understanding of the complicated human spirit. Their program is an invitation for us to extract what we need, to examine our lives from the vantage point that resonated within us, and to chart a positive path forward. With their guidance, I discovered an unwavering belief in my own abilities and a renewed passion for the things that ignite my soul. I now spend my time in Italy, working the land to have a life very close to nature and host retreats where people can learn skills to do the same. You can feel the essence of Embercombe in the fires we build, the offerings given to the land, gardening with volunteers, sacred circles, family banquets, late night stories and the songs we sing. For the incredible gift of self-discovery, for the unwavering support and understanding, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Embercombe and The Journey course. You have granted me the opportunity to find myself, to recognise my potential, and to embark on a lifelong journey of love, growth, and connection with the natural world.