The Twin Trail of Flapjack

For those that may have plucked up the courage to experiment with the mighty beast of last month’s flapjack and if you do happen to still have some in the freezer, here’s where your mother of all oats may travel next….

Gooey Energy Balls

This is by far the most deliciously messy recipe to follow. For the foundations of your inspiration, in a large mixing bowl you will need;

• Leftover flapjack
• Cacao
• Ground almonds
• Date syrup

In creating these balls, there are no set amounts to follow and your guiding line is consistency. Too wet, the balls won’t hold shape. Too dry, they will fall apart. So my recommendation is…. PLAY!

The magic begins by stirring these gorgeous elements together in your bowl. As before, using your beautiful hands is a) super sensual and b) a great metronome for judging texture. And before combining, you may wish to add a little extra bling. (Excuse my Essex roots!). Grating either orange or lime zest with turmeric, chilli flakes and black pepper can add a spicy twist or for depth of flavour that wets the tongues of Gods, perhaps some Kalhua or another tipple of your preference. 

Then when all the ingredients are gathered as one, you can start forming the balls. Size is up to choice and purpose might dictate this. The larger, the more possibility for take away snacks post a swim on the beach. The smaller, the potential for after supper delights or gifted in a box to friends. 

And be warned ~ once rolling, there is no turning back. Your hands will be SO sticky and SO gloriously encrusted with mixture, this part of the journey takes full commitment. 

Once complete, should your inclination be towards making cupcakes and you have a wee selection of sprinkles in your cupboard, you may wish to cover your creations with these. Or use leftover cacao powder and almonds or coconut flakes. And the beauty about making these, there’s no cooking time involved so once made they’re good to goooey! 

Summer Fruits Crumble

Once again, this is incredibly easy to create and the inspiration may be from the fruits you’ve foraged from local hedgerows, the remainder of berries in the bottom of the fridge or over-ripe bananas from the fruit bowl.

Simply gather your selection of fruit, wash thoroughly, chop if needed and place in a suitable crumble baking vessel. A few Cardamom pods can add a wonderful warmth to flavour once cooked. Likewise, Star Anise or classics like cinnamon swirls and nutmeg.

Then crumble the remains of your flapjack into a separate bowl and should it not be sufficient to cover the top of your fruits, add some oats or muesli, nuts and seeds. Spread over the top of the prepared fruits in your dish and…. pop in an oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Check from time to time the top in case of burning and when ready serve hot with…. ALL VEGAN ALTERNATIVES TO ICE-CREAM, CREAM, CUSTARD. Yet possibly not all at once. A sprig or two of mint will enliven the elixir to the divine but don’t necessarily take my word for it. Get a baking and discover this all for yourself!

Bon appetite