Transforming Business

We have a tremendous opportunity for positive and radical change. To rise to the challenge. To have an adventure. To do what needs to be done.

The world of business is crucial to any endeavour to transform the world. We offer programmes and mentoring that will strengthen your own resilience and that of your team and support you to find a deeper meaning in the work that you do.

Embercombe seeks to nurture a new type of leader. A leader who brings power together with wisdom and ethics. A leader who has explored their inner landscape and who has the courage to act in alignment with what they know to be true. A leader who acts not in service to narrow human concerns and the short term interests of profit, but to the delicate, interconnected web of life of which we are a part.

We will explore some key questions with you and your organisation. What is of true value? What are my responsibilities? What is my purpose? What are my gifts? What gives meaning to my life?