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‘Growing Our Future’ is a Land-based Learning initiative we have developed for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our aim is to offer ‘transformative experiences’ – courses that challenge the existing educational paradigm whilst exploring what ‘an education for a sustainable world’ would look like. We feel it is time to ask some challenging questions such as;

  • What is Education for?
  • What is the purpose of a school?
  • How do children learn about their world?

Over the last five years we have designed and delivered courses for Education Studies, PGCE and Masters students from Universities and Higher Education centres all over the South West including University of Plymouth and University of Exeter.


Our Land-based Learning Programmes enable us to offer a range of bespoke programs for students preparing for a career in Teaching, Youth Work or the Social Services.

We believe it is time for change in the way we educate our children and young people. Are you ready to be part of that change?

Growing Our Future – Values-Led Learning for a New Era

This is a transformational programme designed to empower and inspire students to become part of the growing wave of ethically sound, courageous and committed leaders. There is an urgent need for our teachers of the future at every level to understand their role as leaders and connect to the values which drew them into the profession in the first place, finding their authentic voice and powerfully influence our children’s collective future.

Programme Objectives

  • To understand how acting according to our personal values can be a source of strength in our ability to empower and inspire the next generation
  • To equip with the resilience to meet the challenge of creating an education for a sustainable world
  • This is an opportunity to participate in a program and experience nature as a powerful teaching resource; to reconnect with your own sense of purpose and to reflect on the reasons  why you decided to teach
  • The  Leading teachers programme interrupts normal patterns of thinking by immersing participants in the outdoors. This physically and emotionally challenging experience will redefine how you view your future role working with children and young people

Workshops include:

  • The garden as a classroom without walls
  • The woods and child led exploration
  • Learning journeys from raw materials to finished items for example, felling a tree and making an object in our green woodwork area, visiting the sheep and felting an object from their fleece and visiting the wheat field and make bread.
  • Woodland skills, for example fire making, cooking on open fires and setting up a camp
  • Nature awareness exercises for example learning to move invisibly to track, stalk and see more wildlife
  • Artistic activities (drama, film making, art, singing and music)
  • Taking part in a building project, joining in with the essential tasks of the garden or kitchen –
  • Experiential science- hands on exploration of the great outdoor laboratory
  • Land-use training and talks including sustainable water use, food production, woodland management, sustainable building techniques, sustainable sewage disposal and natural beekeeping

Programme Outcomes:

  • Students who have fully appreciated their responsibility and true capacity to make a difference
  • Students whose behavior in their professional capacity reflects the deeper values they strive to pass on to children
  • Students who are resourced to stay true to their values and are able to transmit these to new generations; values such as resilience, resourcefulness, self-responsibility, collaboration, social and environmental responsibility
  • Practical skills equipping students to use the outdoors as an educational resource
  • Students who foster an ongoing commitment to the value of their own personal development and an understanding of how this impacts on the quality of their practice
  • Students who are aware of their responsibilities

It takes real leadership to make a difference in education.

Do you want to make an impact for future generations to come?

For more information, please contact leadership@embercombe.org

Some of the people we heard speaking last night were people who in my experience in lectures really didn’t have a voice and suddenly last night they were speaking…
Dr Tony ReaFaculty of EducationUniversity of Plymouth

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