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Calling for Embercombe Trustees

Embercombe is recruiting new Trustees who share our passion for co-creating a regenerative, flourishing future for all species.

After 5 years leading the Embercombe Board, our Chair of Trustees, will soon be retiring. We are looking for someone to build on the incredible transformation of Embercombe that he’s overseen, to take our rewilding vision to the next level and to work with our board and team.We are also recruiting for several other Trustee roles. If you feel called to help us take Embercombe forward into an exciting future, we’d love to hear from you. Help us envision what it means to rewild the boardroom, to give service to nature and people at this crucial moment in our history, and work alongside a small group of committed and like-minded people. Embercombe is a charity offering education and environmental leadership to a wide diversity of individuals and organisations, in this country and around the world. The proceeds from our courses go back into our charitable aims. Please see the role description and skills required here and send your CV and covering letter to

Please note this is a voluntary position. The deadline for the first round of applications is 30th October. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trustee role description

The role of a Trustee Board member is to:

  • Ensure that Embercombe complies with its governing document (its Memorandum and Articles of Association), charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations
  • Ensure that Embercombe pursues its objects as defined in its governing document
  • Ensure Embercombe applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects, ie it must not spend money on activities which are not included in the objects, however worthwhile they may be
  • Contribute actively to the board of trustees’ role in supporting and developing the strategic direction of Embercombe, and recommending and agreeing the policies, goals and targets of the organisation.
  • Safeguard the reputation and values of Embercombe
  • Ensure the financial stability of Embercombe
  • Protect and manage the property of Embercombe
  • Appoint and support the directors and monitor their performance

In addition to the above statutory duties, each Trustee is encouraged to use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions. This may involve leading discussions, focusing on key issues, forming sub-working groups, working directly with the Embercombe team, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, evaluation or other issues in which the trustee has special expertise.

Person specification

A great Embercombe Trustee will be:

  • Committed to the mission of Embercombe and our guiding principles
  • Willing to devote the necessary time and energy
  • Willing to speak and listen from the heart
  • Able to speak up and constructively challenge with independent judgement
  • Knowledgeable about the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of Trusteeship/Directorship
  • Willing to work effectively as a member of a team and to take decisions for the good of Embercombe
  • Happy to roll up their sleeves and get involved with a small team

We are looking to recruit trustees in the following areas:

  • Chair of Trustees
  • Accountancy
  • Operations and business management incl. HR, health & safety, legal, policies
  • Ecology, rewilding, land management, nature connection
  • Hospitality incl. Venue hire, programmes and events
  • Marketing, fundraising, and income generation
  • Writing and film-making
  • General interest


Trustees commit to a minimum of 1 day per month including preparation and board attendance.  Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings. These are held quarterly in line with Embercombe’s seasons. One meeting each year is allocated to board development and strategic planning and is usually in-person starting one afternoon, staying overnight and lasting the whole of the following day. The other three meetings last approximately 3 hours and are usually online.

Trustees are usually expected to cover their own travel costs, food and accommodation are covered. In addition, Trustees are expected to attend a weekend Annual Retreat with the whole Embercombe team.
Trustees are invited to Embercombe celebrations, ceremonies and events where appropriate and to engage with the wider Embercombe staff and volunteer community. We strongly encourage all our Trustees to attend at least one of our programmes.

We are a small organisation and are looking for people who will engage with the spirit of Embercombe and get stuck in where needed. As we rewild Embercombe, we are actively asking ourselves what it means to rewild the board and the wholeBenefitsThis is an exciting role within an organisation that is attempting to look at how to rewild the charity structure of a Board of Trustees. If you are interested in this pioneering work and how this might happen and ultimately be translated into other organisations, this role is for you. This is also an opportunity to work closely with Embercombe, ensure her survival into the future, from a enterprise perspective but also in meeting her charitable aims, develop offerings for the future, to give service and ultimately to work and have fun with a like-minded group of people.

Recruitment process: next steps

  1. Once we’ve received your CV and cover letter, you will be contacted within a month of the application deadline.
  2. If successful, you will be invited for an online interview.
  3. If successful, you will be invited to observe the next board meeting.
  4. If successful, the board will contact you shortly after to offer you the position.