Visit the UK’s top Rewilding breaks

By Jane Alexander

Embercombe has been listed as one of the top educational rewilding eco breaks in the UK! Read more from journalist Jane Alexander as she lists her top destinations to visit and be inspired by.

Born to REWILD: Glamping is so last decade. Today, it’s all about educational eco breaks in nature – but with a touch of unabashed luxury.

Move over glamping… ‘rewilding’ is the latest eco-trendy holiday. But what exactly is it? Well, it’s all about returning land to its original wild state — and rewilding breaks take you there.

Instead of neatly ploughed fields and intensive farming, expect wildflower meadows, thickets and the odd beaver or red squirrel if you’re lucky. Joanna Lumley and Carrie Johnson are said to be fans. So how do you immerse yourself in ‘rewilded’ nature and, supposedly, improve your wellbeing? Here are six escapes.