Residential Volunteering 2020

Would you like to step out of your daily routine and offer your service to the running of Embercombe’s activities in exchange for accommodation and food?

We offer volunteering opportunities for a small number of people to work alongside our on-site staff and facilitators to deliver a diverse range of experiences and events.

This is an opportunity for you to live close to nature in a beautiful valley in simple accommodation with a small team of people, helping to hold space for those who come as participants.

You will work 7-8 hours per day and will have a plant-based diet. Whilst we do have on-site chefs during our events there will also be a chance to cook together in the quieter times.

You will have shared time and experience as a volunteer group and there will also be time for yourself, to enjoy being on the land in a rural and relatively isolated valley.

You will have the opportunity to mix with facilitators and participants and on occasion there will be the chance to take part in elements of our programmes. As a member of the volunteer group you will be part of an ever-evolving experiment into what it means to be in service together, both at Embercombe and in the wider world.

This is the kind of opportunity that will suit people who:

  • are looking for somewhere to learn more about themselves, nature, community in a self-led way;
  • enjoy living and working closely with others;
  • are happy to give service and enjoy reptitive tasks such as kitchen, cleaning and maintenance activities;
  • are looking for time away from their daily lives; and
  • are looking for specific skills and experience in the kitchen, in administration and on site

We regret that we are not able to provide a therapeutic structure for our volunteers as the primary role of all staff and volunteers is to hold space for participants.

Volunteering Opportunities for 2020 include:

Site Assistant – 1 year (start date March) – small stipend available (£80 per week)
You will be assisting our site manager on supporting the structural needs of our programmes, maintaining the land and buildings of our site and looking after our small flock of sheep. We would also love you to be involved on a practical level in our rewilding activities and planning – changing the future of land management.

Kitchen Assistant – 1 year (start date March) – small stipend available (£80 per week)
You will be assisting our chefs in setting menus, food ordering, rotaing, cooking, baking and possibly even fermenting! This is a great opportunity to take a key role within a fast moving plant-based kitchen – changing the future of food.
Operations Assistant – 1 year (start date March) – small stipend available (£80 per week)
You will be assisting our operations manager in ensuring the smooth running of our kitchen and house in support of programmes and events. This will include over-seeing the volunteer rota-ing and community social programme. This will busy and key role in the organisation and is a great opportunity to learn and gain experience of the operational nuts and bolts of how a small nature-based venue works.

3 month volunteers – unpaid (start dates March, June, September)
You will be joining the volunteer team providing cleaning, maintenance and support activities for our busy programme of courses and events.


If you wish to join us for the 2020 season at Embercombe, please send a CV with the role you are interested in to

If you wish to also send a CV please send it to our Community Co-ordinator at

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