wild grace

Wild Grace

With Amisha Ghadiali

In this week of meditation, yoga, myth, ritual and study, we work closely the female deities of the Hindu tradition to awaken our feminine powers and come into balance with the divine masculine within.

14th July - 19th July Wild Grace Book Now

Times: 1 pm Sun. 14th – 1 pm Fri. 19th July

Fee: £595

Limited bursary places are available at £445 on application.

wild grace

Wild Grace is an experience to reclaim these lost parts of yourself so that you can live in a fuller sense of wholeness, power and responsibility.

In the tantra worldview, the masculine (shiva) is consciousness and the feminine (shakti) is energy. Each of us, whether male or female, have both inside us and we are working towards a more balanced sense of being. 

This means we need to fully honour the masculine in ourselves and in society, and at the same time tap into our feminine nature – and deep capacity we have to love, to listen, to birth, to create, to play, to channel wisdom, to bring sensitivity, to live through our intuition, to transform and be connected to nature.

To do this, we must also understand our shadow and the patterns we may have fallen into, from victimhood to insecurity to manipulation to passive aggression.

What To Expect

Each day will be themed on a different deity taken from the Hindu mythology – the word deity translates as shining playful ones.  We will start the day with meditation, the mythological story of the deity, mudra, mantra and a deep yoga asana class which will take us deep into the myth.

After lunch we will have time to “workshop” the qualities of the theme of the day, and then after dinner we will take part in a ritual where we are able to fully celebrate and embody this.

We will move through any blocks holding us back from our power and awaken our divine feminine in the form of beauty, wisdom, courage, fierceness and compassion. This retreat will give you a grounded understanding and expand your connection to these Goddesses, as well as your relationship with your own feminine power and it’s balance with your inner masculine.

We use the Hindu deities as a map, but you don’t have to believe in Hinduism or in yourself as a goddess to take part. It’s a language that helps us to uncover different aspects of ourselves. These are deities that are often referred to in modern yoga. 

Over the week we will be exploring multiple themes of this time including: our true nature and relationship with our shadow, sacred activism, our relationship with our body and our self. 

Is It For You?

This course is for you if you wish to expand your awareness of your inner dynamics in a grounded way, using the mythology and practices of a well-established tradition. No previous experience is required.


Amisha Ghadiali

Amisha is an activist, yoga facilitator and intuitive healer. She is interested in where our inner and outer worlds meet.

She hosts the globally acclaimed podcast The Future Is Beautiful which
weaves together Politics, Spirituality, Creativity and Sustainability
– to inspire us each to rise up, move beyond silos and create a
beautiful future. The show offers deep, insightful, unedited
conversations with fascinating and diverse guests, calling forth a
challenging and open ended narrative for our expanding worlds.

Amisha holds Yoga workshops and Rituals across the world, which bring
together Mantra, Asana, Meditation, Mudra, Mythology, Dance,
Philosophy, Activism, Energy clearing and deep dives into the psyche.
She leads retreats and immersive experiences including annual
pilgrimages to India (her native land) and Wild Grace: A Heroine’s

Amisha works one to one with her intuitive therapy and through her
Presence Mentoring programme which supports you in clearing
unconscious patterning, opening up new qualities within and anchoring
daily practice and rituals which support your lifestyle.

A big part of her ‘Yoga’ is exploring how we relate to the world
around us and embody our values at this challenging time. Amisha’s
background is in Politics, Design and Sustainable Fashion. She created
the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful – A Collection from
Think Act Vote, coining the term Creative Activism and bringing
together ideas and artwork from over two hundred contributors to
inspire a brighter future.

Amisha is currently writing a new book called Style & Presence which
brings together a decade of research (and a lifetime of personal
experience) exploring our relationship with self-worth, the worth of
the world and how these two things are connected.

Amisha’s words have appeared in publications including The Huffington
Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre and she has spoken at events and
festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Sunday Papers Live &
UnBox. In addition she has been part of pioneering projects and social
enterprises including: Ethical Fashion Forum, Impact Hub, Provenance,
Fashion Revolution and Compass.

Amisha brings activism into everything she does, and through her
project Think Act Vote (which became The Future Is Beautiful) coined
the term Creative Activism. Her background is in politics where she
worked in parliament and the US congress – working on many campaigns
including Make Poverty History, The Yes Campaign (for AV), Fashion
Revolution. She has volunteered on projects all over the world
including facilitating UNA-Exchange projects working with kids in
valleys of Wales, to working with teenage orphans in Bulgaria to
hosting retreats in India that combine service with spiritual

Amisha Ghadiali

Upcoming Dates & Booking

14th July - 19th July Wild Grace Book Now

We aim for all of our courses to be as inclusive and accessible as possible – please contact us for information on paying in installments.

There are also a limited number of bursary places available at £445  for this course at on application.

If you have any questions please call +44 (0) 1647 252 983 or email support@embercombe.org

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