What’s involved?

On this highly personalized one-to-one leadership intensive course, you will spend three days immersed in nature and community at our land based learning centre. Through a blend of coaching, practical work, small group interaction and reflection you will be invited to explore your personal values, gifts and challenges. Gaining tools that will help you to embody these in your leadership practice.

You will leave renewed in enthusiasm, in both life and work. Stepping fully into your leadership potential as you align your personal values with your behavior. The Leadership Intensive programme is an invitation to walk the inner trail of self-discovery, self-challenge and connectedness as you explore the outer trail of powerful and focused action in the world.

This journey will be rooted in profound insights in leadership from indigenous traditions. Activities include one-to-one coaching, time in nature and the community, time working outside, and engaging in small groups to share and learn.

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for anyone in a leadership role, whether you are stepping into new and greater responsibilities or have been holding them for many years. In this fast changing world, our leaders are challenged not only in their technical skills but also their resilience, integrity and ability to respond to uncertainty.

Leadership Intensive is an opportunity to reflect, renew, make choices and commit to them. You will be afforded the space to listen, to share, and to enquire into new ideas and ways of thinking.

If you would like more information on Leadership Intensives, please contact Caroline Burkie


“Beneath the surface of each and every one of us lies genius, courage, creativity and clarity. This course helped me to remember the power of one in an interconnected world.” Dave Hampton, Course Participant

“I will be integrating all I learnt into the way I lead and live my life. I think the key is to review my behaviour regularly against the insights I have gained, to ensure I am living the lessons learned.” Hamish Grey, Course Participant

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